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Hey there, fellow guitar enthusiasts! If you're looking to unleash the true potential of your beloved instrument, you've come to the right place. I'm Derek, and as a seasoned professional player and teacher with over 40 years of expertise, I take great pride in offering top-notch guitar setups and maintenance services tailored to your unique needs.

Pro Setups for Electric, Acoustic & Bass

The Art of Guitar Setups

At Nottingham Guitar Lessons, I specialise in providing pro setups for a wide range of guitars and basses, including acoustic, semi-acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. I'm also well-versed in handling minor repairs to keep your instruments in tip-top shape.

Setups: The Foundation of Guitar Excellence

A setup is the heart and soul of every great guitar. It involves a meticulous adjustment of crucial components such as the neck, bridge, nut, and frets, to enhance playability and comfort. From action adjustment to intonation and truss rod adjustments, I leave no stone unturned to ensure your instrument feels like an extension of your own fingers.

Fret Work: Precision at Its Finest

Over time, frets can show signs of wear or become uneven, affecting your playing experience. Fear not, for I wield the skills and tools to level, crown, and polish the frets, granting you smooth playability across the entire neck. For those extreme cases, a re-fret might be the solution to breathe new life into your beloved guitar.

Electronics Issues: Trouble-shooting with Finesse

Are you encountering issues with your guitar's pickups, wiring, output jack, or potentiometers? Rest assured, I'm well-equipped to troubleshoot and repair or replace the necessary components, restoring your instrument's heavenly tones.

Hardware Replacement: Elevate Your Performance

As your guitar ages gracefully, certain parts may need replacement due to wear or for improved performance. Whether it's tuning machines, bridges, nuts, or saddles, I offer top-quality replacement options to keep your instrument in pristine condition.

Neck Adjustments: A Harmonious Balance

Changes in temperature, humidity, or string tension can cause your guitar's neck to bow or warp. My expertise in adjusting the truss rod ensures a harmonious balance, but if the situation calls for more intensive work, fear not; I'm up to the challenge.

Nut and Saddle Work: Fine-Tuning Precision

The humble nut and saddle play a crucial role in your guitar's performance. Whether they need replacement or adjustment to accommodate different string gauges, I'll ensure they're optimised for flawless playability.

Pickup Installations: Shaping Your Sound

Yearning for a new sonic adventure? I specialize in soldering and, if necessary, routing your guitar's body to accommodate new pickups. Unleash your creativity and discover the sound you've always dreamed of.

Bridge Work: Stability and Intonation

From re-gluing an acoustic guitar's bridge to setting up a floating tremolo system or adjusting the height and intonation of electric guitar bridges, I've got you covered for a stable and harmonious playing experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance: A Touch of TLC

Every guitar needs a little love now and then. If your instrument has been stored improperly or exposed to smoky venues, my thorough cleaning and maintenance services will have it shining and sounding its best.

Quality Tools for Quality Results

To achieve unparalleled precision, I rely on top-quality Crimson tools, including Notched straight edge for guitar and bass, fret rocker, various leveling beams, traditional crowning files, fret finishing files, neck rests and supports, fret end beveling files, and fret polishing rubbers. Additionally, I utilise Hosco nut files and fret pliers to ensure every detail is just right.

Pricing: A Fair Deal for Masterful Craftsmanship

My labour costs are £37 per hour, and the cost of replacement parts may vary depending on your preferences and options

Testimonials: The Words of My Valued Clients

Lee Gent: "As a bass and guitar rookie, I've tried numerous 'luthiers' without satisfaction until I met Derek at Nottingham Guitar Lessons. He's passionate, meticulous, and a true expert in his craft. Derek exceeded my expectations when he took care of my challenging Jazzmaster with incredible attention to detail. I've never been happier with the results – my guitar feels like a dream! Derek's not only an exceptional technician but also a friendly and entertaining soul. I trust him with all my instruments, and he's truly making me a better musician – thank you, Derek!"

Chris Taylor: "I took my Yamaha 5 string TRB to Derek, as it was in much need of a professional setup. The action, intonation and neck all needed attention. The results were fantastic. The guitar played and sounded so much better. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Kyle Fraser: "My name is Kyle and I have had my guitar once repaired and then later revamped by Derek. They have both been a high quality repair and revamp. When he revamped my guitar he sanded down the guitar neck making it smoother and a lot nicer to play. He restringed my guitar and tuned it down to Drop B for me. He also cleaned it up and polished it, making it look superb too. He finally fixed a chip that I had in the side of the guitar, filling it in and sanding it down etc. Firstly it looked a lot nicer and was a lot easier to play. I couldn’t recommend Derek enough to anyone looking for someone to revamp or fix their guitar top quality, 5 star."

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